Welcome to the Family of Light!

We are so happy that you have found us. Believe it or not, we have been waiting for you all along!

Please take your time looking at the pages of our website, as we have much information to share with you. Although we have been building this love-based organization for many years from behind the scenes, we could use your help sharing it with the world. If our mission resonates with you, and you want to take an active role on a grassroots level, become a volunteer! Our immediate needs are for people who are tech savvy, skilled with web design and social media, SEO, and marketing. Maybe you don’t have time to volunteer but would like to make a financial contribution. We have many projects on the horizon such as games for higher learning, plant research and development, summer camps and retreats. As we launch this website, our first campaign is to build mini Lighthouses in communities around the world to help the Children of Light. Please visit our donations page for more info.

Whether you are a truth-seeker, an Empath, a Warrior for Peace, and you are looking for a place to call home,

We invite you to our Family of Light! We have room for everyone regardless of your race, beliefs, age, or religion. If you want to take part in creating something based on truth, love, and light, JOIN US!

We promise that MetaLighthouse will be built to last.