Weather Report Suite

Contributed by August (Jason) West with guidance from Aldebaran

Feb 28- Mar 2

As the moon wanes in Capricorn, the energy will be supportive to creative pursuits, so you should see progress in areas that matter to you most. Your psychic and intuitive centers will vibrate high, allowing your manifestations and visions to be clear. Furthermore, this energy will help stimulate your root chakra and solar plexus, allowing you to withstand oppositional energies.

The crystals which will help maintain and draw this vibration towards you are clear quartz, rose quartz, rhodalite, and pyrite (fool’s gold).

The colors for the next few days are deep purple, aquamarine, and white.

The Tarot card drawn is the 3 of Cups. This card suggests that there is celebration in the air. The numerological aspect of the card says that things will move in 3’s today, and events will lean in a positive direction. This card also represents the 3 attributes of self- mind, body, and spirit- merging as one body, it creating an overall sense of well being and joy.