7 of Pentacles

Weather Report Suite, Mar 1-3 (Friday pm- Sunday pm) 2019

Contributed by Jason (August) West with guidance from Aldebaran.
As the crescent moon wanes through Capricorn towards the constellation of Aquarius, the energy available to us becomes weak for a couple of days. Therefore, it is important to be conservative with your output, only focusing on the most important tasks at hand.
These are the days when it is essential to avoid gossip, debates, controversies, drama, and negativity at all costs. Today’s energy also suggests avoiding risks, gambling, starting any new ventures, signing leases or other legal agreements. Avoiding these things now will keep them from becoming a burden to you later.
Today’s card is the 7 of COINS. This card suggests that, in order for one coin to multiply and become seven, it requires an investment into SELF. By investing in self and being conservative with what you give to others, you will eventually reap the rewards of your investments.
To invest in self, our guides from Aldebaran suggest you seek solitude and quiet time in nature. Speak less and minimize actions to maintain a high vibration and a strong aura. Using crystals such as hematite, herkimer diamond, obsidian, carnelian, or onyx will help maintain stamina and aura health. You might want to choose clothing colors such as dark purple, indigo, carnelian, and black with white accents.
All in all, be mindful of your energy, keep it simple, and focus on your own beautiful mind, body, and spirit! Please visit our Psychics Page to find out more about our readings!