Weather Report Suite; March 5-7, 2019

Contributed by Jason West with guidance from Aldebaran

With the New Moon in Pisces, the overall energy will begin to get strong again, building into a progressive flow. You will notice stimulation in your root chakra and solar plexus, and this allows for both your intuition and stamina to be heightened. Although this energy will feel stronger than it has in a week, it is still wise to be conservative with your output.

The Tarot card is the 7 of Cups. This card suggests that you might be looking outward when you should be looking within. It also suggests that too many options lead to poor decision making. To minimize false leads and wasted time and energy, keep your focus on basic self-preservation. Remember to use boundaries with other people, not allowing emotions to dictate your actions.

Stones such as tiger’s eye, pyrite, and clear quartz will assist your energy and block negativity.

When choosing clothing colors, go for soft tones such as white, pink, and pastels, accented with neutrals.

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