Weather Report Suite; March 9 &10, 2019

Contributed by Jason West, trance channeler of Aldebaran guidance

As the Crescent Moon waxes through Taurus, the home of Aldebaran, it creates a configuration with potent energy. You should notice stimulation to your root chakra, assisting your stamina and overall well being, allowing you to take on challenges and triumph over obstacles and negativity. The energy will be very supportive for manifesting abundance, new ideas, directions, and opportunities. The Tarot card for today is the Two of Wands. This card suggests that you are at a cross roads; in one hand you hold the world, representing the future and successes you have yet to achieve. In the other hand, you hold onto the familiar. The Two of Wands suggests in order to see the future manifest to your own liking, you might need to close a door to the past. This door will only lead to a continuation of lessons you’ve already learned. The stones to enhance this energy are amber, tigers eye, green fluorite, carnelian. The complementary colors are dark shades of burgundy, red, purple and black. Spend time outdoors to draw the energy towards you. This evening, take a candle and carve into it your intention to manifest, whether it be love, money, or global healing. You shall see evidence of your work.