Weather Report Suite; March 14-15, 2019.

Contributed by Jason West, trance channeler of Aldebaran guidance.

As the moon waxes through Cancer, the energy becomes supportive of empathy and psychic abilities, increasing both by 3 in this sign. You should notice greater clarity and sharper insight, making it a great time to find solutions to problems*. Because Gemini can cause fluctuations of energy, you should notice that today’s flow will feel more gentle to your spirit and will help to cultivate a nurturing and loving vibration in relationships. For those not in relationships, this is a good time to attract new prospects in love. The colors which support Cancer energy are celestial in nature, such as deep blue, royal purple, white, silver, and gold.  Wearing these colors will help to soothe you and maintain the love vibration. Use stones which support love and empathy such as raw rose quartz, green calcite, and aventurine. The Tarot card for today is JUSTICE. This Major Arcana card is drafted under Archangel Michael, standing for truth, fairness, and metaphysical support to areas of your life which need resolution or positive outcomes. This is a good time to sign legal documents. Moreover, if you have good intentions, been practicing good deeds and burning karma, you will see success in risk taking ventures. This is the day to take advantage of things that promote truth righteousness and love; Do the right thing and the right thing will be done unto you. The number for today is 8. This is a full circle return number. this will help you with stamina, allowing your aura to vibrate high.

*Although Mercury Retrograde can cause unexpected interruptions to schedules, this waxing Cancer energy can buffer those challenges

Adjustment (Justice) Card from the Tabula Mundi Tarot Deck, created by Melissa Meleen (Friend of MetaLighthouse)