Weather Report Suite; March 25-27, 2019

Contributed by Jason West

Trance Channeler of Aldebaran guidance

Although Mercury is retrograde through the 28th, the waning moon in Sagittarius acts as a buffer and uses the retrograde in your favor. Try not to attach yourself to anything serious, and don’t engage in drama or signing legal documents. This is the time to distract your mind and embrace the fun and playful vibration available. Doing this will help you avoid exhaustion and aura depletion.

The Tarot card for today is the Hanged Man reversed, suggesting that you have reached a new level of spiritual growth. Take a look at any long standing or repetitive circumstances whether in love, family, or career, and ask yourself, did I learn these lessons? If you can honestly say that you have, you can look forward to new lessons and advance pass GO. 

The colors for today are opaque combined with iridescent; think blue, charcoal, and white. The crystals and stones which help to draw playful light energy and block negativity are snowflake obsidian, celestite, fool’s gold, and black onyx. These stones also block some of the mercury retrograde influences.

The number for the day is 7, suggesting to maintain your energy. The number 7 also symbolizes ending of old cycles and beginning new ones. Look at the last 7 years of your life, and ask yourself what you would do differently. For more information about Jason’s readings, visit us at