As the moon wanes through Pisces, this energy will help fine tune your psychic ability for introspection and clarity, making it a good day for insights and visions for self acceptance, transformation, and moving forward. This is the day for finding solutions intuitively for self development.

The Tarot Card for today is the Six of Swords. For some, this card suggests travel across the water. By and large however, this card reveals an inner journey into the subconscious. Take time with this card to meditate and visualize where you want to be. This card enables the mind to wander and journey into spiritual realms. This card suggests looking inward instead of outward and paying attention to self preservation.Image result for 6 of swords

The stones for today stimulate the  fire energy of the root chakra to balance the energy of the waning Pisces moon and 6 of swords vibration. Use stones such as Hematite, carnelian, fire opal, and blood agate.

The colors for apparel today are dark like the night sky and reflective of the light; Think black, deep indigo, and charcoal with hints of silver and white.

Tip for tonight: Etch the name of a loved one on a violet or white candle and burn between 6-9 pm. This will help project healing energy.

Weather Report Suite, Contributed by August (Jason) West, Trance Channeler of Aldebaran guidance. To learn more about our readings, please visit us at