As the New Moon flows through Aries, the energy is strong and supportive. You should notice a heightening of your strength and willpower, making it a great time to face things head on and get a jump start on your goals. This energy will give you supernatural leverage to overcome challenges and obstacles. For those who are trying to quit bad habits such as drinking, smoking, or other excessive behaviors, this is the day to do it. For those who have been second guessing whether to stay or go, today is the day to make your own way. The Tarot Card for today is the Wheel of Fortune. This card of the Major Arcana symbolizes God’s divine grace being applied at times when you need it. This card suggests that if you do your best in areas within your power and surrender the rest to the universe, it will make way for serendipity to give you the extra push you need towards success. The Aries New Moon configuration combined with this card makes it a great time for self empowerment, taking risks while making advancements, and trusting in the Divine hand to do the rest. The colors and stones for today are reminiscent of a Spring meadow. Think earth tones, moss agate, green calcite, jasper, and jade, combined with selenite, citrine, and black onyx. These colors and stones will amplify this configuration, heighten your intuitive abilities, and absorb negative energy so that you can reach success.
The Weather Report Suite is contributed by August (Jason) West, trance channeler of Aldebaran guidance. For more information about our readings, please visit us at