The introduction to Path to a New Civilization is the factual story of how and why Metaphysical Lighthouse was founded. We have been debating whether or not this story should be told at all, as it will rattle the very fabric of society. After much thought and consideration, we decided that people are ready to hear the truth, and it is our hope that you will read it and be inspired to get involved with our mission. – Saranda

Welcome to our
Family of Light!

We are a diverse group of scientists, psychics, trance channelers, and artists who were guided to find one another in order to build this love based organization. Since 2012, we have been in direct contact with a group of intelligent beings who call themselves the Guardians of Light. Because of our combined expertise in the psychic arts and the sciences, and because of our past life experiences working with them, they chose us to be their representatives. Together we call ourselves the Family of Light.

Until late 2012, none of us had any idea that we were embarking upon this incredible journey to build the Lighthouse. August and I had been contacted since we were young children, but we didn’t understand why at the time and neither of us shared those experiences with anyone else. August grew up in a family of psychics and has had a long career guiding other people with his gifts, as you can read in his bio on our Psychics page. Conversely, I was raised in a conservative Christian family and have been a seeker of Christian mysticism and Christ Consciousness. I knew that I was gifted at a young age, but the lack of support in the Christian community made it difficult for me to understand my gifts. The propaganda against psychic phenomena created an atmosphere of fear, even though it was evident that the Bible had been channeled.

August and I didn’t actually “meet” until we were adults, although we had met in dreams periodically throughout our lives. We each felt that we had a twin but had no idea where the other was living. I had my first psychic reading in 2012, and this is how the journey began. August and I found each other, face to face over a deck of Tarot cards. It was an amazing experience, one that I will never forget. He gave me wonderful guidance, but more importantly, we recognized each another immediately. Shortly thereafter, we came to understand we had both been in contact with the same guides since we were children, and thus began a series of third dimensional interactions we would share with the Guardians of Light.

The Guardians had been watching us grow and learn throughout our lives and decided that we were ready to begin working with them more directly. At first they did not reveal who they were and would communicate with us through telepathy, as our psychic centers still needed developing. Every time August and I got together, telepathy was coming in to both of us at once. It was urgent, compelling, and demanding of our attention. They told us that humanity was on the tipping point of evolution and there was real danger if mankind was unable to fix the problems we face as a species. They were very patient with us, because they knew we were just waking up out of gnosis and needed time to adjust. They told us how much they loved us and were watching over us and protecting us, like we were their children.

In time, we could see that the Guardians were beings of light, or what one might describe as angels. When they finally revealed who they were, Zelnas was the first to show herself, a female with blond hair and striking blue eyes. She said she was Pleiadian. The next guide who revealed herself was El, another female with black hair. She said she was from Aldebaran. Both of these guides were very beautiful, kind, and extremely intelligent. August and I were rapt.

In January 2013, El and Zelnas asked us if we were interested in putting a book together called Path to a New Civilization. Neither of us had any experience writing, but we were eager to share what we were learning with the public. Little did we know that this “Path” we were writing about was the same agenda we would be embarking upon as an organization, for not only did the Guardians ask us to write this book, they asked if we would build Metaphysical Lighthouse to create a community for the Family of Light. The guides told us that the Children of Light were the future leaders of the planet, or “stewards of the Earth”, but they were disenfranchised and needed a support system. They wanted us to teach other Children of Light what they had been teaching us. Throughout our lives, neither of us felt like we belonged to a community, so we were eager to begin building one we could call our own.

El said, “Wait”

“Before you begin building the Lighthouse, we need to visit the Pope.


The Vatican is blocking the progress of the Children of Light.”

It was on February 13, 2013 that they told us this, as I write down every conversation we have with them for documentation. What did ‘visiting the Pope’ mean? we thought. In the days ahead, his name would come up in conversations. We could sense that they were not happy with his actions or his thinking. Two weeks later on February 28, 2013 Pope Benedict resigned. It was mind boggling to see our guidance reveal itself before our eyes on TV. These guides were not only intelligent, they were powerful. Who else could make a Pope step down? Did they show up at the Vatican in the middle of the night and give him an ultimatum? We don’t know the exact details, but we understand that the guides were there and they meant businessThis would be the first of many examples of evidence we were given to solidify our faith in them. We call this evidence based faith, and this has been the foundation of our organization. We want to use this evidence to show other people that

The Guardians are REAL, they are here NOW, and their message is URGENT. Mankind is in a very serious situation, and they are offering their assistance.

Prior to building the Lighthouse, August recalled a series of direct contact experiences in June 2012. He was shown anti-gravitational devices and other types of advanced technology not from this planet. He was frustrated because he didn’t understand why he was seeing all of these things. He prayed, I am only one person! Please send me someone who can answer my questions! The very next day, a scientist with knowledge of these devices sat down at Jason’s table for a reading. Almost as if to say, “do you need my help?” Early on, the Guardians told us that in order to shift mainstream consciousness, there needs to be a bridge integrating metaphysics and physics. Our new friend was eager to take on building the Lighthouse from the very beginning, when we only had a wing and a prayer. He has been extremely helpful in all areas of creating this love-based organization, and we are honored that he is part of our family. It is no coincidence that he too has been in direct contact with the Pleiadians, and they guided him to find us.

The Guardians told us that the Lighthouse would offer scientific advancements  for health care, including technology for the treatment of cancer and cellular regenerative therapies. Just as they were upset with the Pope, they were disgusted with the health care system and said that people should be living longer lives, free from the diseases which plague them.

A message from El on May 14, 2013:

“The technological advances within medicine will see a machine that regenerates human cells. Every organ and every system in the body can be regenerated with this technology. This cellular regenerative therapy will be a major advancement for many diseases of aging allowing humans to live to 120 and longer. The machine will implicate self-healing through plant medicine in ways that haven’t been seen since the days of Atlantis and Lemuria. The systems of health care in place now are barbaric and are in need of an upgrade. We are working indirectly with a scientist who will find the Lighthouse sooner than later.”

On July 20, 2013, I got a phone call from August. He could barely contain his excitement. A scientist sought guidance for his technology by way of the Tarot. Our guides from Aldebaran revealed to us that they were working with him from behind the scenes, unbeknownst to him, guiding his technology and directing him toward the Lighthouse family. He realized that joining forces with the Lighthouse was his soul purpose, for he has a strong desire to see people embrace one another with kindness and compassion. He has been working tirelessly to bring his technology to the mainstream and is eager to begin researching plant medicine to help heal the human mind, body, and spirit. He and his wife are a part of the Lighthouse family, guiding us with their wisdom and knowledge every step of the way.

As you may have noticed, there has been a common thread; The Tarot. The Guardians from Aldebaran have always used the Tarot as a tool for each of us to find one another. Because humans are born with amnesia, they need a wake up call. The Tarot has always been used by the Guardians to help the Family of Light recognize one another as we come into gnosis and remember that we have worked with The Guardians in other lifetimes with the same education and the same technology. Although we were thwarted in the past because of the Cabal, they tell us that we have a better chance for success in this lifetime because forces of light are winning the hidden war. There is still much work to do to shift consciousness in the mainstream, however. Recently, they said:

“We look upon humanity with sadness when we see greed, poverty, and sickness run rampant.  You are so far behind in evolution!

“We look at religious institutions collecting billions of dollars a year in donations, and ask what have they done to fix any of these problems?

“We listen to 2000 year-old rhetoric from podiums and wonder how does this help people in 2018? Faith without work is dead, and that applies to all spiritual ideologies from East to West, including the New Age.

“Talk amounts to nothing if there is no action. The time for action is now. There is no more time to waste.”

Like many people living with amnesia, August and I hadn’t realized how bad humanity’s situation was. Some of the messages were not only sobering, they were down right scary. But we were also told that there were solutions available to help all people thrive, and they wanted the Lighthouse to act as a bridge between the Guardians and humanity through the mind/body/spirit curriculum offered by the Pleiadians and the advanced technology being presented by the Aldebarans.

They have told us many times:

“If you want to shift a paradigm, the recipe for success is mind/body/spirit doctrine, advanced energy technology, and improvements to health care. But before any technologies can be implicated into a system, there must be a shift in consciousness. Poverty, greed, racism, and hatred can no longer be part of the fabric of human society. ‘Love all serve all’ is the only way to evolve.”

Although our road has been challenging, met with many obstacles and naysayers along the way, we kept going because of the evidence based faith in our guidance. After many years of meeting in secret, it is our honor to present Metaphysical Lighthouse as a beacon of light and love to people during this tumultuous time in human evolution. We want to invite you join our Family of Light so that you can learn, love, and grow along with us!

We wish we could share our technologies with you today, but we are told that

anytime you have advanced technology to further evolution, there will be negative forces who will try to suppress it.”

For this reason, we must keep our scientists out of the spotlight and steer clear of any political, religious, or greed-based affiliations. But stay tuned, as we will keep you posted on their progress!

Thank you for taking time to read this introduction to our amazing adventure. We hope that our story resonates with you and inspires you to join us by taking action with your time, skills, or financial contributions.

Metaphysical Lighthouse has NO affiliations with any political or religious institution or ideology. In fact, we take a strong stance on neutrality and accept anyone who wishes usher in a new world based on kindness, compassion, and peace.

Please visit our join us page to find out how you can get involved too!