M-Path, 8 Steps to Illumination is a revolutionary guide to help Empaths and Children of Light understand who they are and why they incarnated on Earth during these turbulent times in 2020. This is an easy to follow manual, yet rich with information. If you have trouble coping with your sensitivity to the world around you, Steps 1-4 offer vital life skills, because many Empaths struggle with depression, anxiety, confusion, and isolation. As you progress into Step 5, you will learn about the Earth school and soul ages, helping to free you from bewilderment and judgment over the behaviors of other people who don’t seem to have empathy. In step 6, you learn about karma, which is all about soul growth and progressing out of patterns which no longer serve you. Step 7 will help you cultivate and foster your innate psychic abilities, so your soul purpose begins to unravel as you discover who you are. By the 8th step, you finally learn to reach zero-point neutrality and free yourself from the symptoms of super-sensitivity while using your gifts to serve the greater good of all. Ultimately, the journey to illumination is about loving yourself and becoming a beacon of light for others to follow. As an illuminated Empath, your gifts are needed here and now, more than ever!

This book is a companion guide to Meta Lighthouse M-Path Support Groups. 100% of profits from the sale of this book go into our non-profit organization to build M-Path Support Groups in communities worldwide.

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