Friends of the Lighthouse

Cherie Foxley

Freelance Graphic Designer

Cherie Foxley is a London based freelance graphic designer, specializing in book cover design.

With a passion for creating, be it writing, voice acting, composing music and of course, designing book covers, she thrives on the knowledge that something new is being brought into the world, albeit small.

Her love of reading gives her a genuine desire to learn the ins and outs of her cover design projects. Characters, plots, subplots, inspirations; anything is fair game, making the client’s experience as personal as they want it to be!

Cherie can be contacted at

M.M. Meleen

Developer, Illustrator, Editor and Author

M.M. Meleen is the developer, illustrator, editor, and author of esoteric books and tarot decks. The artist and author is the creatrix of the tarots Tabula Mundi Tarot and the Rosetta Tarot and their related guidebooks, and a co-host of the esoteric tarot themed podcast Fortune’s Wheelhouse. Not much can be said other than that M.M. Meleen is a maker leading a life of quiet inspiration in the egg of blue, tuning the channel as the next astral wave approaches in this new aeon. Love is the law, love under will.

New books, new decks, and other creations are in progress and soon to be revealed. To learn more about what the artist may be up to in the fabric of space-time, visit and subscribe to the newsletter to be among the first to know them.