With over 30 years of professional experience guiding executives engineers health care providers law enforcement geologists and genetic scientists with a high level of accuracy, no issue is too big for August. Let him help you find the solutions you need to make your life more abundant and successful while positively influencing other people on your life’s path.


What can I expect from a 30 minute reading?

Your 30 minute reading will include a consultation with the Tarot and a forecast for the year which lies ahead. This may take as little as 15 minutes or up to 30 minutes. If time allows, August can give you an assessment of your mind/body/spirit health.

What can I expect from a 45 min reading?

A 45 minute reading will delve deeper into your mind/body/spirit health, including a soul reading. A soul reading will give you insight on your life’s path, your soul growth, and your karma. To do this, August gains access to the Akashic records and consults with his guides from Aldebaran and the Pleiades. This guidance is especially important for people who are responsible for others and will help you make the best decisions, not only for your own karma, but for those who are under your care, be they family, friends, employees, or other groups such as congregations or communities.

What is Karma?

Karma is an ongoing lesson that carries you from one lifetime to the next. Most of your struggles in life are karma, and they mirror the lessons you’ve struggled with in previous lifetimes if they were not learned. Everyone is bound by karma, and you can either burn away or accumulate more karma, depending on your free will choices. Every decision a person makes affects their karma for the good or bad, and a soul reading guides you to the best choices to burn karma and progress spiritually. We want to help people realize the implications of their decisions on their karma so that they think long and hard about each choice they make. Especially if those choices impact the lives of other people.

How do I book an appointment?

August is currently offering readings on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Your reading can be done over the phone or in person in Auburn MA. Please book through the website or contact us directly at if you need a reading on a different day. Because August is a founding member of Metaphysical Lighthouse, he is in high demand in our science and education departments. However, he wants to offer his services to help build our grassroots organization. 22% of all his readings go into our non-profit organization so that other Children of Light like himself can be supported.

To learn more about August’s skills, read his bio. To find out about the guidance from Aldebaran and Pleiades, click here. To book a reading, click here