Jason’s readings

What can I expect in a 30 minute reading?

This includes a consultation with the Tarot and a forecast for the year which lies ahead. If time allows, you may also receive a psychic diagnosis/attunement of your mind, body, and spirit.

What can I expect in a 45 minute reading?

All of the above plus a soul reading.

What is a soul reading?

A soul reading will give you insight on your spiritual development, soul growth, and your karma. This guidance is especially important for people who are responsible for great numbers of people and will help you make the best decisions, not only for your own soul development, but for those who are under your care, whether they are family, friends, employees, or other groups such as congregations or communities. Every decision a person makes affect their karma for the good or bad, and this reading will help you choose to burn karma and progress spiritually. If people would realize the implications of their decisions on their own soul growth, they would think long and hard about each choice they make. Especially if those choices impact the lives of other people. The information for your soul reading is obtained by gaining access to the Akashic records and consulting with Aldebaran and Pleiadian guidance through channeling.

What are the rates?

For a limited time, Jason will be offering his services at a discounted rate to help build our grassroots organization. 22% of all his readings go into our non-profit organization so that other Children of Light like himself can be supported. The rates for Jason’s readings are $100 for 30 minutes. $140 for 45 minutes.

*If you have tried to book and pay for a reading but encounter difficulties, please email us at metalighthouse@gmail.com. Our financial gateway is under construction, but you can book via email and pay by PayPal. Thank you for your patience as we build this site!*

To learn more about Jason’s skills, read his bio.