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Jason (August) West

“I come from a long lineage of people skilled in the psychic arts. My great-grandmother was born with a caul, and her abilities were sought out by many people. As a child I was home schooled and have been cultivating my gifts for as long as I can remember. My grandmother, mother and aunts were my first teachers. When I was 8, they sent me to a secret mystery school in Marin County, California, and for the next 4 years I had extensive training in psychic development, meditation, and healing. At the age of 12, I began learning the Tarot and other forms of divination and by 17 had accumulated a wealth of knowledge to begin my professional career. I started working at the House of Zodiac in Framingham, MA and for the past 30 years, I have been reading in other New Age bookstores on the East Coast. Because of my skills and accuracy, I have attracted business owners, entertainers, scientists, and law enforcement’s unsolved cases. I have been successfully guiding people from all walks of life, but my favorite guidance to give is in the sciences and advanced technology.

I have had success making future predictions and contributed to an early TV episode of “Psychic Detectives.” Most notably, I was interviewed by the Worcester Magazine in the 1999 “Life and Death” issue, where I predicted the fall of the Twin Towers. I also successfully predicted that Worcester, MA would become a hub for the life sciences in that same issue.

As a psychic, my guidance is channeled from advanced intelligence; These guides are living biological entities (also known as angels or beings of light) who live outside of normal everyday reality. It is my preference to work with advanced intelligence as opposed to communicating with human spirits who have passed, as this guidance allows me to help people more effectively. I am not a practicing medium, although I am skilled to do so. 

Over the years, I wondered why I had this amazing gift to communicate with higher realms. Was it simply to give readings to love-lorn people out of a back room in a new age bookstore? I thought, surely there must be a greater purpose for this guidance. I knew I could help people in leadership positions, but how?

I came to realize that my extraordinary abilities have come with immense responsibility, not only to help individual souls on their life’s path, but to help people on a global scale. I have learned that whether you have a wealth of knowledge or a wealth of financial abundance, the more you have, the more you are responsible for on a soul level. It is my personal goal and that of Meta to reach people in power who have immense responsibility, authority, and wealth to show them the great impact their decisions have on their own karma and on all the many lives that they touch. My goal is to help give them clarity so that they make the best choices, not only for their own soul growth, for the lives of the many people they affect daily. I believe that corporations can make just as much if not more money using ethics and compassion, and I am eager to start helping businesses large and small in a very positive way.

Jason is a charter member of Metaphysical Lighthouse, a love based non- profit organization which is merging science and spirituality so that people can understand that God is in every living thing. He is currently working on multiple projects for Meta Lighthouse including channeling information for advanced technology and support programs for gifted people young and old.


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