M-Path™ Support Program

We are here for you.

Our M-Path Support Group is a safe space for you to learn about your gifts, grow spiritually, and take part in a growing community of people who want to help co-create a kinder, more peaceful planet.

Your $30 membership includes the M Path Support Manual Know Thyself 8 Steps to Illumination and one full year of access to our weekly M Path Support Groups. In the 8 Step Program, every other week is a “step” meeting, alternating with a week of open discussions. Whether you are a spiritual novice or an advanced student, taking part in this program will help you reach your potential as an Empath and discover your own innate psychic abilities.

Most importantly, the M-Path Support Program is a great place to seek counsel and friendship from other Empaths just like you. For many of us, it has become a second family. We hope you join us!