1. Do you consider yourself psychic or intuitive?
  2. Do you feel other people’s energy or emotions?
  3. Are you sensitive to environments, such as bars, malls, or grocery stores, to the point of illness or exhaustion?
  4. Do you have a strong desire to help other people with your gifts?
  5. Do you give your time, energy, or resources to others without considering your own needs? In other words, do you put yourself last?
  6. Do you make decisions based on feelings rather than reason?
  7. Do you allow people’s words or actions to dictate how you feel?
  8. Are you drawn to music, visual arts, or other creative endeavors?
  9. Do you take your creative interests to a level which might seem obsessive?
  10. Do you feel like you came to Earth with a purpose, but you’re not sure what it is?
  11. When you are with other people, do you walk away feeling tired and depleted?
  12. Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, or ADHD?
  13. Are you sensitive to foods, fabrics, smells, sounds?
  14. Do you prefer the company of animals to people?
  15. Do you sometimes feel like you don’t belong here on Earth?
  16. Do you feel like a warrior looking for a cause worthy to fight for?
  17. Are you interested in Tarot cards, astrology, runes, crystals, or pendulums?
  18. Do you feel lonely and misunderstood, or that other people think you are weird?
  19. Do you spend time daydreaming about other realities different from your own?
  20. Do you practice Reiki or other forms of energy healing?
  21. Do you have ESP, clairvoyance, or other psychic abilities you don’t fully understand?
  22. Do you identify with the labels Child of Light, star-seed, contactee, indigo, crystalline, or rainbow child?
If you answer YES to more than 10 of these questions, you are an Empath. If you answer YES to more than 16 of these questions, it is likely that you are a Super-Sensitive Empath.