Like all of you, Jason and I have been watching the news, seeing the world wrestle with the spread of the coronavirus. As businesses shutter their doors and people “social distance” from one another, I recall guidance from about 8 months ago. I was told that there would be an event which would force people to stay inside their homes in fear, but it would also help push us forward as a species. Could this virus be the impetus to an evolutionary shift? I asked our guides from Aldebaran what’s going on, and here is their message:

“This virus is a manifestation from the collective consciousness of humanity;  It is a wake up call to every soul to look at themselves and look at one another with compassion and acceptance. It is time to switch the frequency from hatred and fear to a frequency of love, balance, and inner peace. It is also a wake up call to look at the degradation of the planet and ask ourselves and one another, are we being stewards of this beautiful planet we call home? As activity on the planet comes to a halt, the collective human spirit must go within for soul searching, not to retreat in fear, but to evaluate the problems we face and to improve our choices going forward. There are conspiracies about who, what, or where caused the virus, but it is not wise to cast blame on any person, place, country, or government. This is a false sense of security because humans are all in this together. It would be wise to send thoughts of peace and love those people and places, especially those who are suffering the most.

If people choose love over hatred, inner peace over turmoil, and acceptance over fear, the virus will go away quickly and you can go back to work and socializing as before. However, you will do it with kindness, gratitude, and an acceptance of differences. You will look for solutions to problems so that you can burn your own karma, and thereby help improve the karma of the human species. If you are responsible for other people, such as employees, you will recognize that your thoughts and actions have immense implications on your karma, for good or bad. If you go back to work as usual with hatred or greed, there will be a new virus on the horizon, maybe worse than this one. There will be more fires, volcanoes, earthquakes, and other disasters to get your attention. All of these calamities can be prevented. It is time to stop blaming each other and time turn on your love lights and look for solutions. If you choose to correct your own thoughts and actions and project peace, not only will the quarantine lift, but the world will see a wave of peace, prosperity, and healing for all people.”

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and Jason