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What is Orgone?

The term “orgone” was coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 1940’s, and it refers to the life force energy present within all living things. This is also known as chi or prana. We call this life force energy vrill. Everyone needs life force energy to get through the day from sun up to sun down, so it is a vital part of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

What is an
Orgone device?

An orgone device is a unique tool made by combining crystals and metals within an inorganic resin to create a “piezoelectric effect” or an electric charge. This charge helps to mitigate harmful EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) coming from WiFi, electronic equipment, and other negative energies in the environment. This will naturally enhance your life force energy, raise your vibration, and promote overall wellness.

Why is it called Pleiadian Orgone?

Orgone devices are Pleiadian technology. Prior to our contact with the Pleiadians, we had never heard of orgone. We were encouraged to study orgone development because of the increase in negative frequencies coming from WiFi and 5G networks, along with the myriad of toxins released by chemtrails. Our Pleiadian guides taught us how to make orgone devices to protect ourselves, and we have been enjoying the positive results in our own lives.

It has taken several years of rigorous training and practice to get the orgone devices to the correct specifications, and we are happy to offer our “Pleiadian orgone devices” for sale on this website.

We are currently developing a line of larger devices to be used on properties with a higher risk of negative frequencies, so stay tuned as we build this page!

Pleiadian Orgone Devices are handmade with


Amethyst to promote healing


Clear quartz to enhance your aura


Black tourmaline, pyrite, or obsidian to ground and protect


Rose quartz to promote love and empathy


Blue calcite for clarity


Green calcite for calmness 


Orange calcite to uplift a depressed mood


Because each device is hand made, no two are alike. The pouring and curing process is very tricky, so there will be bubbles and little “imperfections” on each one. This will not affect the strength of the device, and it is our opinion that those imperfections only add to their beauty!


If you are interested in having a custom device made with a specific goal or intention, we can do this for you at an extra charge. You may even want to send us your own metals, stones, or personal mementos from a loved one to be incorporated into the orgone. Please contact us for details!

How did Dr. Reich know about orgone energy?

Like many other visionaries, Wilhelm Reich was in direct contact with Pleiadians. Reich was secretive about this relationship, as he was worried about their safety. Sadly, it was Reich who was not safe, as he was imprisoned and eventually killed for his work with orgone. There were letters revealing his contact, but they were confiscated during his imprisonment. Our guides are very sad about Reich and so many other scientists who have been suppressed while attempting to introduce healing technologies to humanity. Here is what the Guardians have to say about orgone, as they are eager to bring back this very powerful yet simple technology.

Orgone devices can enhance your mood, your empathy, your mind/body/spirit healing process, your telepathy and your psychic centers. Orgone devices are far more powerful than a single crystal or stone, in fact orgone amplifies those affects by 100 fold or more. Orgone devices can also be used to improve agriculture, giving plants more vitality and making them grow faster and stronger. It should be noted that because orgone helps humans and plants, orgone can also benefit animal health.”


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