What is Orgone?

ORGONE is the life force energy present within all living things. The word was coined by Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the 40’s, but his research was suppressed by the Cabal. Orgone energy is also known as chi, prana, or vrill. We like to think of it as the FUEL you need to get through the day.

Your life force energy is directly impacted by STRESS and EMFs from cell phones, WiFi, and 5G networks. All of these factors take a big toll on your life force energy and therefore your health.

ORGONE devices help to BLOCK harmful radiation and can help stimulate your LIFE FORCE ENERGY when used in your home or office. 

What is an
Orgone device?

An ORGONE DEVICE is a unique tool made by combining crystals and metals within an inorganic resin to create a “piezoelectric effect” or an electric charge.

This charge helps to mitigate harmful EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) coming from WiFi, electronic equipment, and other negative energies in the environment.

This will naturally enhance your life force energy, raise your vibration, and promote overall wellness.

  • Orangey pink
  • Rose quartz
  • Glow,
  • Offering a
  • Nurturing
  • Energy cocoon.

This is exactly what my gorgeous orgone does during the very first 60 meditative minutes of my day, each and every day. You should see it glowing the same colors as the sunrise out my window.

Sue Sullivan


The orgone is more beautiful than I had expected. I carry it with me everyday and can really feel its power. Thank you so much!

Nick A.


Your magnificent orgone has made my environment and my life feel so much more balanced and alive. I truly cherish your work and love each and every piece I’ve purchased from the Lighthouse.I feel like I’ve hit the lottery!

Nichole C.


MetaLighthouse Orgone Devices are handmade with


Amethyst to promote healing


Clear quartz to enhance your aura


Black tourmaline, pyrite, or obsidian to ground and protect


Rose quartz to promote love and empathy


Blue calcite for clarity


Green calcite for calmness 


Orange calcite to uplift a depressed mood


Because each device is hand made, no two are alike. The pouring and curing process is very tricky, so there will be bubbles and little “imperfections” on each one. This will not affect the strength of the device, and it is our opinion that those imperfections only add to their beauty!


If you are interested in having a custom device made with a specific goal or intention, we can do this for you at an extra charge. You may even want to send us your own metals, stones, or personal mementos from a loved one to be incorporated into the orgone. Please contact us for details!