Path to a New Civilization

The amazing story of how we came together to build Metaphysical Lighthouse

Since 2012, we have been documenting hundreds of hours of conversations for our book Path to a New Civilization, Conversations with the Guardians of Light. For this page, we have chosen the most relevant excerpts for 2019.

Very early on, the Guardians of Light explained to us how humanity was at a critical time in evolution, and there was an alarm being sounded across the universe called the supersonic bell….

What is the supersonic bell?

Our Pleiadian guide Zelnas explained: “The supersonic bell is an alarm indicating an extreme emergency, in this case on the planet Earth. The alarm is telling its residents and nearby civilizations that the earth can no longer contain the vibrations of greed, hatred, and separatism without intervention, and that the species (humans) causing the most damage needs to evolve.”

What will happen to Earth if humanity doesn't evolve?

Zelnas continued: “If humanity cannot evolve, the Earth will self implode. Imagine a volcano spewing lava and killing all things in its wake. So, you can imagine how much greater is this volcano if the earth implodes. Not only would it affect all of the species and dimensions on Earth itself, but it would impact every other planet in this and other universes.”

Is this what the Mayan calendar was predicting for 2012?

“The Mayans knew that 2012 was the ending of one era and the beginning of a new one. However, anytime one era ends and another begins, there is a period of tribulation, or gnosis, lasting about 7 years.”

What is gnosis?

“Gnosis is the awakening of consciousness after a period of slumber and the coming into knowledge of self as one human body. Humanity has been in a state of slumber for thousands of years, so this time of tribulation is extremely difficult. The most important part of gnosis is evolution, with the supersonic bell saying to humanity “it is time to identify your problems as a species and find solutions before it is too late.” On a positive note, gnosis will help you reach your full potential as humans.”

What is the full potential for humans?

“Your full potential is to develop your psychic abilities to the point of telepathy, levitation, and telekinesis, for starters. Humanity was very evolved in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis, and these were times of great peace and empathy on the planet.”

What is evolution?

El from Aldebaran took over the conversation from here: “For the Family of Light, evolution is progress. Evolution means phasing out of greed based ideologies which divide the human race. Evolution means uniting as one body with love, compassion, and empathy. Evolution means offering cures for disease and phasing out of chemotherapy and radiation. Evolution means exploring advanced technologies such as extreme magnetism and anti-gravitation and phasing out of fossil fuels. Evolution means rejecting GMOs and pesticides and making organic agriculture the norm, eventually putting an end to killing animals for food. Evolution means investing in new ideas and phasing out of outdated transportation/building designs and materials. Evolution means expanding consciousness, exploring boundaries, taking action, seeking solutions, and no longer accepting the status quo”.

How do Empaths (Children of Light) help evolution?

El explained: “Empaths are the true stewards of the Earth, and if they are united as one force, they have the ability to triumph over darkness. Empathy and love cures all ills and all isms, and this alone will help humanity evolve. By supporting Empaths and gathering them together, it will automatically raise the love vibration on the planet. With a grid of Lighthouses around the globe, Empaths can work with their gifts in unison through metaphysical alchemy to transmute negative frequencies, allowing empathy to return to the planet as it once was in the days of Lemuria and Atlantis. We know that humans have immense potential, but they need to wake up from their slumber and start taking love-based action! We look forward to witnessing your progress, and we will be here supporting you from behind the scenes with love and guidance every step of the way.”

Stay tuned as we add more excerpts from our book

Path to a New Civilization, Conversations with the Guardians of Light



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To find out how and why the Guardians are working directly with Metaphysical Lighthouse to present their light-filled agenda, read the amazing story in our INTRODUCTION.



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