Love Seashell Dream catcher Orgone

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Love seashell Orgone pillow pal with amethyst, clear quartz, and Cape Cod beach stones

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Orgone Dream Catcher for Kids: Cape Cod beach stones painted with love, scallop shell, amethyst, and clear quartz; Each one unique!!

Hold the dream catcher in your hands and say a prayer to God or your guardian angels to have sweet dreams!

You can say this prayer or simply say a prayer in your own words.

“I am thankful for my mind, body, and spirit. I am thankful for my family, the food I eat, the bed where I sleep, and for the roof over my head. Thank you for watching over me day and night and never taking me out of your sight. I am grateful that I AM a Child of Light!”

Place your dream catcher under your pillow while you sleep, and on sunny days, place it on the windowsill to charge.

What’s orgone?

Orgone is the invisible energy that keeps you going from sun-up to sun-down. Orgone is the same thing as your chi or your aura. Orgone is the force that connects all people (and animals and plants) together! When you have a lot of orgone energy, you feel strong, peaceful, and happy. When your orgone energy is low, you feel tired, confused, and sad.

Your orgone dream catcher helps to block bad energy that comes from too much time on your computer or cell phone, and even from unhappy thoughts or sad situations. You can carry your orgone dream catcher with you anytime your energy needs help. It’s not just for bedtime!

What’s in it?

Scallop shells, Brass shavings, Amethyst quartz, resin, and glitter

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