Some people are born with a genetic disposition for spiritual gifts or psychic abilities. These abilities might express themselves as:

  • hearing voices
  • seeing auras
  • heightened intuition
  • ESP
  • creative visions
  • precognitive dreams
  • healing abilities
  • communicating with animals
  • communicating with spirits
  • contactee/abductee phenomenon


Although psychic abilities are innate and natural, they cannot become developed as skills without years of education, training, practice, and experience.


Because psychic abilities are MISUNDERSTOOD by the mainstream, they are often misdiagnosed as DISABILITIES or mental illness.

At the Lighthouse, we take this personally.


We are in the process of developing a system of protocol for educators and mental health practitioners so that people with spiritual gifts are not misdiagnosed with mental illness. Once people with super sensitivities and psychic abilities are identified and given proper education through our 8 Step program, those sensitivities can be calmed down, allowing spiritual gifts to become skills of service, rather than a disservice, to themselves, those around them, and to humanity in general. 

Our vision is to build summer camps where Children of Light can learn how to use their abilities for the greater good!

Telepathy… remote viewing… clairvoyance… energy healing

Energy manipulation… reading auras… chakra balancing… visualization

Manifestation… animal communication and healing… channeling… divination

Intentional artistic expression… plant medicine… orgone design

…and other forms of advanced psychic development