Psychic Readings coming soon, so stay tuned as we build this page! 


If you are a skilled psychic, medium, or distance healer, and you would like to offer your services on this website, send us your resume!

As we build this page, one of our founding members will be offering Tarot readings, Soul Readings, and Psychic attunements. Jason West is a trance channeler of Aldebaran and Pleiadian guidance. Scroll down to “KNOW YOUR PSYCHIC” to read his fascinating bio.


At present, Jason is working on multiple projects for Metaphysical Lighthouse including advising our bio-science department, designing healing technologies, creating computer games, and channeling mind/body/spirit curriculum for the Children of Light. For this reason, his hours are limited.

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Know your Psychic

“I come from a long lineage of people skilled in the psychic arts. My great-grandmother was born with a caul, and her abilities were sought out by many people. As a child I was home schooled and have been cultivating my gifts for as long as I can remember. My grandmother, mother and aunts were my first teachers. When I was 8, they sent me to a secret mystery school in Marin County, California, and for the next 4 years I had extensive training in psychic development, meditation, and healing. At the age of 12, I began learning the Tarot and other forms of divination and by 17 had accumulated a wealth of knowledge to begin my professional career. I started working at the House of Zodiac in Framingham, MA and for the past 30 years, I have been reading in other New Age bookstores on the East Coast. Because of my skills and accuracy, I have attracted business owners, entertainers, scientists, and law enforcement’s unsolved cases. I have been successfully guiding people from all walks of life, but my favorite guidance to give is in the sciences and advanced technology.

I have had success making future predictions and contributed to an early TV episode of “Psychic Detectives.” Most notably, I was interviewed by the Worcester Magazine in the 1999 “Life and Death” issue, where I predicted the fall of the Twin Towers. I also successfully predicted that Worcester, MA would become a hub for the life sciences in that same issue.

As a psychic, my guidance is channeled from advanced intelligence; These guides are biological entities who live outside of this normal everyday reality. Some might call them beings of light or angels, but they are not from the human realm. It is my preference to work with these guides as opposed to communicating with human spirits who have passed. I am not a practicing medium, although I am skilled to do so. I feel I can help people more effectively through this channel of higher intelligence.

Over the years, I wondered why I had this amazing gift to communicate with higher realms. Was it simply to give readings to people out of a back room in new age bookstores? I thought, surely there must be a greater purpose for this guidance. I knew I could help a great number of people on a grand scale, but how?

It wasn’t until 2012 when I began to understand that I was being guided to a greater purpose after all. It wasn’t clear at first. I was having contact experience with higher intelligence throughout my life, and they were the ones guiding me through my readings. There were times they would talk to me about poverty, war, greed, and the dangers humanity was facing as a species. Why were they contacting me? I was just one person, and their messages were about mankind. I struggled with the contact because I had no idea why they were telling me about human evolution when I was barely making ends meet as a reader. Meeting the other founders of Metaphysical Lighthouse brought me into greater clarity, and by reading the pages of this website, you can find out why I was receiving those messages and what our organization is taking on as an agenda for the greater good of mankind.



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