“As a scientist, to say I was skeptical of Jason’s abilities would be a fair statement.  He is certainly a friendly, kind, and sincere person, but can he channel guidance to foretell events and give sound advice?  Based on the evidence I’ve seen, the answer is yes!  It’s one thing to give vague information and loose predictions, but it’s a whole different thing to pass along specific, detailed information as Jason has done for me.  After getting to know him over the past few years, I have given up trying to figure out how he is able to do what he does.  All I know is, it works!”

Scott Wolter, forensic scientist and host of the TV show America Unearthed


“I am a bio-engineer in the process of growing a science-based company and have consulted with Jason for the past five years.

Jason has given me amazingly specific information which has helped me in making critical decisions, setting up lab work, putting our team together, raising funds, and growing our business. I am extremely grateful to have been able to benefit from Jason’s incredible gifts and abilities.”

Joseph P, Worcester, MA


“Jason came into my life over 30 years ago and has foretold many specific details with amazing clarity. It’s uncanny how accurate his gift allows him to be. He has assisted me in fulfilling my personal life by encouraging me to pursue the correct choices that in hindsight were clearly the best path to my happiness and fulfillment. In times of sorrow, Jason has provided me with an understanding and as such comfort. In my professional life, Jason has provided meaningful counsel and direction allowing me to navigate with his insight resulting in significant growth and diversification into alternate revenue streams. At this point I consider Jason an indispensable component of my research and development for future growth and happiness.”

Steven T. Antonio