Weather Report Suite; April 29-May 1
As the moon wanes through Pisces, your physical stamina may run high, but your psychic centers may not. This configuration can be confusing, making this the wrong time to take action based solely on your intuition. These are the days to look for 3rd dimensional evidence, being careful not to succumb to illusions or false leads.
The Tarot card for today is the 7 of Cups; This card suggests putting your energy into self-preservation rather than taking on too many tasks. It also reminds us that the Pisces waning moon makes it complicated to see through the illusion. Today is the day to work on the body rather than the spirit.
The stones which will help enhance your intuition are Herkimer diamond and clear quartz; Hold them in the sunlight and look for rainbow prisms.
The colors to support your intuition are a combo of ocean and earth; Jade, burgundy, forest green, violet, and a hint of yellow.
Art by Melissa Meleen, Tabula Mundi Tarot deck.
Reading contributed by August West, trance channeler of Aldebaran guidance.
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