Weather Report Suite; Aug 18-20, 2020

As the New Moon flows through Leo, your energy becomes stronger and more magnetic. If your thinking has been cloudy of late, you should notice more clarity and better focus. Say goodbye to sluggish energy, as your stamina will start to kick in. Today is the day when your communication and personal power will be commanding, allowing you to meet and exceed the day’s demands.

Although Leo gives you a burst of energy and confidence, the new moon does not suggest going full steam ahead. Prioritize your output and pace your movements so that your inner God spark can shine brightly. Keep your focus on new opportunities; Positive change is afoot!

The Tarot card for the day is the Emperor; This angel of the Major Arcana represents power, insight, and wisdom. Any anxiety or confusion will melt away, helping you make the best decisions for yourself and people around you. This card in combination with the Leo new moon symbolizes a day of victory, so face those challenges head-on.

The STONES of support are tiger’s eye, jade, smoky quartz, and lapis lazuli.

The COLORS are reminiscent of the pyramids of Giza; think alabaster, clay, sand, blue sky, yellow sun, and jet black.

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August; Card from the Crystal Tarot deck; Visit us at for more info!

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