Weather Report Suite; Aug 21-23, 2020

As the moon waxes through Libra, it produces a balancing effect in mind, body, and spirit. You should notice a shift in your energy, neither strong nor weak, just balanced and tempered. Where there were fears or worries, your attitude becomes neutral and nonbiased. Your clarity and discernment will be heightened, making this a great time to make important decisions, strategize, and lay out your trajectories. You will clearly see the folly in others but be mindful not to squander your energy with judgments.

Speaking of JUDGMENT, it is the TAROT card for today; This angel of the major arcana represents karmic return. When this card appears, you realize that the seeds you’ve sown will begin to show fruit. Your intentions, attitude, and actions will determine how good or bad that fruit tastes. This is the day you move forward (or backwards) on the game board, so expect a 3-fold karmic return in either direction. Pay attention to signs and symbols from Spirit, and you will see evidence that the hidden realm can no longer be denied. Be an open channel or conduit of positive energy and continue sowing seeds of love.

The COLORS for the day are neutral and a combination of earth and sky. Imagine looking out across the landscape, your view from a mountain top.

The STONES to support this energy are various agates, bloodstone, snowflake obsidian, hematite, and jade.

The card is from the Crystal Tarot Deck. Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August. Visit us at for more info!

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