Weather Report Suite; Feb 7-9, 2020

As the Moon waxes through Leo, you should feel a surge of confidence and strength. This configuration stimulates your 3rd eye and root chakra, giving you extra clarity and willpower. This is powerful energy as it allows you to shine your light into places you never imagined and grants you authority over darkness.

The TAROT card pulled is the Nine of Wands. This card suggests that you have traveled a long road, carrying burdens and processing emotional and physical setbacks. It also suggests that it might be time for you to stop ruminating over past injuries, lace up your shoes, and move forward. Combined with the waxing Leo, you can take a leap of faith because the universe will catch your fall. This is a great time to triumph over those old obstacles along the road you’ve traveled and manifest a new way of seeing, thinking, feeling, and living.

The COLORS to draw more strength to you are yellow/orange, silver, dark blue/purple, and black.

The STONES of support are aquamarine, topaz, carnelian, calcite, and double terminated quartz.

Nine of Wands Image by Fountain Tarot. Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August. Visit us at for more info!