Weather Report Suite; Jan 19-21

As the Moon wanes through Sagittarius, the vibration suggests being cautious and conservative in your actions. Better to spend time observing rather than submerging yourself in risky or foolish behavior. Take a serious look inward rather than outward to examine self and find solutions.

The Tarot card drawn is the Devil; This card suggests staying on your toes and paying attention. This card can also mean that you will be tested, as if you were back in school being graded on your karma and your reactions to external stimuli. For some people, this card could be a spell of bad luck or a setback. On the other hand, it serves to remind you that as a being of light, you are in power and have control over forces of darkness. You are only a victim if you choose to be one. Combined with the waning Sagittarius, this card strongly suggests to “proceed with caution” and not to take things too lightly or have a joking mentality. It is time to take your role on this planet seriously.

Wear COLORS such as those you would see in a winter landscape against the backdrop of a forest; white, light blue, light and dark green, and browns.

Carry STONES such as carnelian, black onyx, amethyst, dark agate, and yellow calcite to buffer any negative vibrations.

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August. Please visit us a for more info!