As the Moon wanes through Capricorn, the energy supports internal growth and production. This is great time for planning, organizing, and designing; however, it is not a good time to take action on your plans. This is the day to take on small chores and catch up on things you’ve let slide. If you focus on the details of your plans, you should have steady stamina. Conversely, taking on too external output will be taxing on your energy, so use your time wisely.

The TAROT card drawn is the 8 of Coins. This card symbolizes productivity in work related agendas, however with the waning Capricorn, be productive with the spiritual side of self. This energy will support creative endeavors, such as writing, art, and music.

The COLORS are dark and majestic, such as black, midnight blue, violet, and emerald with gold or silver accents.

The STONES to help support your energy are jasper, jade, agate, malachite, and lodestone. Add clear quartz or green calcite to support inner growth.