Weather Report Suite; Jan 31-Feb 2

As the Moon waxes through Taurus and Aldebaran, your root chakra energy will be heightened, giving you willpower, physical strength and stamina. This configuration is excellent for manifesting and taking the bull by the horns to face challenges head on. These are the days when you conquer bad habits and discard old lessons; problems dissipate because the solutions become obvious.

The TAROT card drawn is the High Priestess; combined with the waxing bull, this card reveals and highlights the goddess within; she is wise, creative, and discerning and knows how to harness root chakra/bull energy to manifest abundance. This card also suggests not to waste your energy on those who don’t deserve it.

The COLORS for the day are a combo of Earth and Sky, such as burgundy, forest green, bright yellow, white and celestial blues.

The STONES for support are jade, double terminated quartz, agate, and amethyst.

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August. Visit us at for more info!