Weather Report Suite; Jan 9-11, 2020

With the Full moon in Cancer, there will be clarity of consciousness, wisdom within intuition, and an increase in PSYCHIC energy. If you practice divination or healing, you should have pin-point accuracy. This is the time to find the answers you’ve been seeking, and you will realize that you’ve had the solutions within all along. The Cancer full moon does stimulate emotions so be mindful not to allow your heart to dictate reason.
This configuration is made even stronger with the LUNAR ECLIPSE on Friday at 11:11 am PST. In numerology, 11 11 translates to 4, which is the Death card in the Tarot. This eclipse symbolizes a time of tremendous change. An ending of the old ways and beginning of the new. At 11:11 am, it would be wise to write down what you want to happen and state your wishes aloud as you would a New Years resolution; Visualize and focus on the new self you want to see while saying goodbye to the old you.

The TAROT card drawn is the Star card; This angel of the Major Arcana symbolizes hope, inspiration, and direction. Hold onto your dreams and don’t settle for less. This card lets you know that you are not alone and that you are being guided, and you should receive a sign of confirmation. Combined with the Lunar eclipse in Cancer, it becomes possible to solve the greater mysteries which lie within self and even the universe if need be.

Choose STONES such as scepter quartz (rutilated or smoky), yellow or orange calcite, Herkimer diamond, and topaz to assist with your intuition and stimulate a psychic charge. If you are channeling, use double terminated clear quartz and any form of calcite to help soften the rough edges.

Wear COLORS that are dark and majestic, such as royal blue, deep purple, magenta, and black with hints of gold, copper, or silver.

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August. Check us out at for more info!