Weather Report Suite; July 24-26, 2020

As the moon waxes through Libra, the energy promotes balance and level-headed thinking. With the mind and heart in balance, it helps you see both the positive and negative to help you make appropriate decisions without being blinded by your emotions. Libra is an intellectual sign, making it a great day for planning, observing, and strategy. Remember the old saying, the pen is mightier than the sword, so take action only when action is required to avoid becoming drained.


The TAROT card drawn is the Two of Wands reversed; This card suggests a choice must be made within your consciousness. Look at your reality; are familiar patterns serving you and making your life better? Or do you need to step out of your comfort zone into a new reality. Make your decision during this Libra moon, because it is a great configuration for success with new opportunities.

The COLORS for today are a combo of Earth and Fire; think of a sunny spring day in a meadow and add hints of orange, yellow, and black.

Carry STONES such as clear or rutilated quartz, moonstone, chrysocolla, and jade.

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August; Visit us at to book a reading!

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