Weather Report Suite; June 11-13, 2020

As the quarter moon wanes through Pisces, your 3rd eye, heart chakra, and solar plexus are stimulated, heightening your empathy and intuition. The positive aspects of this configuration help you interpret subliminal signs and symbols and give you the ability to solve problems for others. However, during the waning phase it is easy to become self-critical or ruminate over the past. Let the past stay in the past and avoid getting baited or stuck on a triggered emotion at all costs. Use your intuitive gifts to help you stay in the moment and preserve your own energy.

The TAROT card drawn is the Hermit; This Major Arcana angel symbolizes that your guides are shedding light from a higher hidden realm to illuminate your path forward. Sometimes this means they are bringing darkness to light. Whatever may be hidden from your view (person, place, or thing) will be revealed. This is a great day for seeking guidance and manifesting solutions for yourself.

Choose COLORS to help temper emotions and draw supportive energy such as violet, sea green, black, and dark blue.

The STONES to help with this energy are tanzanite, smoky quartz, orange or green calcite, amber, rose quartz, and hematite.

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August; Esoteric Tarot art by M. Meleen,;

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