Weather Report Suite; June 16-18, 2020

As the moon wanes through Taurus, you are supported by very transitional energy coming from Aldebaran, also known as the Eye of Taurus. Your focus will shift from what is outside of self to what is within. Spirit will show you both your flaws and successes, enabling you to take personal inventory to allow for transmutation and growth. This is a wonderful time for healing and overcoming repetitive patterns which have held you back from moving forward into new chapters in your life. This is also a great time for creative endeavors such as music and writing. Be careful of being overly critical of your past and present; the goal for today is to achieve balance and foster self-love.

The TAROT card for the day is the Empress; this card supports the Divine feminine and the Goddess within each of you; even the male has aspects of female divinity. Humans are dualistic beings and the goal is to achieve balance of both masculine and feminine; This is true Empathy. This card suggests nurturing self and all your creations. Combined with the waning bull, this card offers a winning hand to self-exploration, growth, empathy, and creativity.

Choose neutral, Earth-based COLORS such as beige, copper, moss, and all shades of brown.

The STONES to support this energy are tiger’s eye, carnelian, obsidian, citrine, and garnet.

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August; Esoteric Tarot art by M. Meleen,; Visit us at to book a reading!