Weather Report Suite; June 18-20, 2020

As you look up at the evening sky, you will see the beautiful sliver of a moon as it wanes through Gemini. This constellation represents duality, and combined with the crescent stimulates the Goddess within; you will feel more connected to the divine feminine and less to the alpha masculine, making it a great time for soul searching, empathy, healing, divination, and reconstructing your innermost being. The Gemini aspect may cause some super sensitive Empaths to overthink, so be careful with self-criticism and judgments. Remember, you are a child of the universe, and you are beautiful inside and out.

The TAROT card drawn is the Two of Wands; this card aligns with Gemini, the duality of self and the world around you; Although you are holding onto familiar patterns in your life (the wand), your future awaits (the world). This card reveals that the lessons in your past have helped you gain wisdom; you are at a crossroad and as you let go of limiting, yet comfortable habits, you discover that your past was all about burning karma and refining your spirit so that you can reach your ultimate destiny. Once you recognize that your lessons have been completed, you are ready to manifest and co-create an abundant future.

Choose deep, dark earth-based COLORS combined with indigo, red, and black.

Carry STONES such as aurora quartz, amethyst, moonstone, aquamarine, and orange calcite.

Tarot card from the Herbal Tarot deck; Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August.

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