Weather Report Suite; June 20-22, 2020

With the NEW MOON entering Cancer during the summer solstice, this is a time of joy and new beginnings. This energy is like a reset button, helping you shake off sluggishness and worries and replace them with inspiration and renewal. This is an excellent time to focus on a new path and making those changes you’ve been contemplating. All water signs enhance your innate intuitive and psychic abilities, allowing you to see and interpret signs and symbols from Spirit, and Cancer is a particularly strong psychic constellation. This is a great day for divination, self-reflection, and healing. Be mindful with the new moon that you don’t take on too many challenges. Slow and steady wins the race. With the added influence of Mercury Retrograde, plans may change unexpectedly, and communication could be more challenging over the next couple of weeks. These are the days you go with the flow.

The TAROT card drawn is the CHARIOT; This card symbolizes spiritual/ metaphysical support from God/Goddess, your angels or guides. If you are struggling with any negative circumstance, you will be given leverage to proceed forward and triumph over difficulties. If there is something out of your control, surrender it with hope, faith, and love. As you let go, trust your intuition and work with the universe to co-create exactly what you desire. You can expect forward motion and success.

The COLORS for this configuration are a combo of violet, silver, gold, and black or deep burgundy and evergreen.

Use STONES to enhance your psychic centers such as double terminated clear quartz, celestite, selenite, rutilated quartz, and labradorite.

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August; Card from the Mary-el Tarot deck. Visit us at for more info!