Weather Report Suite; June 23-25

As the moon waxes through Leo, there is a shift in energy from the divine feminine to the divine masculine. You will feel the Lion’s magnetism, growing out of a period of introversion and isolation to wanting to be the center of attention. This configuration helps to release the tension from your mind and strengthen the physical body, allowing you to accomplish the goals you set for yourself during the new moon phase. These are the days when risk taking is encouraged, the envelope can be pushed, and communication should be clear and strong.
Although Mercury and other planets are in retrograde, this will not affect the strong energy of this configuration. However, people may flake on you and plans could change on a whim. Stay positive amidst naysayers and drama experts.
The TAROT card drawn is the Page of Wands; This card suggests good news coming your way about a new opportunity. Combined with the waxing Leo, the Page supports career advancements, taking risks, and more masculine dominant energy. This is not the time to sit on the sidelines; be proactive.

The COLORS for this configuration are neutral and earth based, with accents of tangerine, gold, copper, and silver. Wearing these colors will help your communication and strength.
The STONES of support are hematite, banded agate, fire opal, jasper, lodestone, and bloodstone.

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August; Card from Ostara Tarot deck. Visit us at for more info!