Weather Report Suite; March 21-23, 2020

With the waning moon in Pisces, your third eye and root chakra will be stimulated, making this a great day for mental or physical exercise. Although Pisces will typically stimulate your psychic and intuitive muscles, this isn’t the case during this waning cycle. These are the days to rely on your practical mind rather than your intuition. Look for evidence, as opposed to signs and symbols. Think physics instead of metaphysics.

The TAROT card drawn is the STAR card. This card is symbolic of your guides helping you with hope, inspiration, and optimism, especially if you’ve been going through difficult times.  The combo of this card and configuration suggests that this is a great time for expressing yourself through art and music. When we

see this card, this quote comes to mind: “Sometimes you are shown the light in the strangest of places.”

Choose COLORS that are dark and mysterious, such as midnight blue, black, burgundy, and deep turquoise.

The STONES to help stimulate your intuition and inspiration are a combo of quartz, celestite, moonstone, and turquoise.

Esoteric Tarot art by M. Meleen. Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August. Visit our blog to see other Weather Report Suites.