During the New Moon in Aries, you will find energetic support to your heart chakra, root chakra, and solar plexus. This is a day for strong intuition, high stamina and will power, allowing you to triumph over obstacles and any patterns of behavior that no longer serve you. This is a great time to start a new endeavor, so take the Ram by the horns and keep your third eye on your goals and dreams.

The TAROT card drawn is the Hanged man; This Major Arcana card is appropriate for these currents times as it represents facing your fears; not being able to move forward or return to where you’ve been; and not understanding lessons. This card suggests taking time for self reflection, accepting your own limitations and understanding your life lessons. Instead of seeing the Hanged man as struggling, see yourself mastering your physical dimension with esoteric wisdom, and growing within your circumstance. When you come to that conclusion, you’ve conquered your fears and no longer need to live in a state of limbo.

Choose clothing colors that are soothing; think deep ocean and night sky, such as deep violet midnight blue, silver and star light

The STONES to support your intuition and new endeavors are celestial in nature because this configuration is already grounding. Clear quartz, amethyst, citrine, amber, and calcite.

Esoteric Tarot art by M. Meleen

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to August and Saranda