Weather Report Suite; May 14-16

As the Moon waxes into Libra, you should see rewards or setbacks depending on what your actions have been. Libra is the sign of karmic restitution and balance, so this is the time to observe, plan, prepare and manifest. This is not the time for action, but a time to sit back and look for the evidence of your hard work. Equally, if you have been sowing seeds of negativity, you will see the karmic lessons come back to you.

The Tarot card for today is The Hangman. This card suggests that although you find yourself in limbo or a stalemate, you are learning major life lessons through your struggles and sacrifices, gaining insights and wisdom which will free you from the hanged position. Your hard work will lead to future opportunities, but be careful not to give into knee jerk reactions which puts you at risk of setbacks.

The colors for today are black, gold, magenta, and dark green

To draw positive energy towards you and keep negative at bay, use stones such as tiger’s eye, amber, honey calcite, and amethyst.

The Weather Report Suite is contributed by August West, trance channeler of Aldebaran guidance. Tarot art by Sceith-A @Deviant Art.

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