Weather Report Suite; May 15-17

As the Moon wanes through Pisces, this vibration stimulates your crown chakra and third eye, giving you enhanced intuition, clarity, and mental strength. Your physical stamina might not be where you want it, but your ability communicate and understand other people will be strong. Although this is a deeply psychic configuration, try not to get stuck in your head or caught up in faulty perceptions, as the waning Pisces cycle can be challenging for some. Exercise your intuition and clarity of mind to navigate through any difficulties and drama that might arise.

The TAROT card drawn is the Page of Cups reversed; right side up, this card suggests good news coming to you with regards to love and partnership. Reversed, this card means that good news could be delayed. This card combined with this configuration might signify challenges in your relationship. It suggests that your perception might be off; Try and look at your cup as half full as opposed to half empty in order to get past any conflict or misunderstanding.

The STONES of support are labradorite, rose quartz, kunzite, and chrysocolla. Also, carry hematite if you need grounding.

Choose clothing COLORS that are deep mysterious and celestial in nature, such as midnight blue, deep purple, and black combined with white, gold, or silver.

Tarot art by Phantom Rin; Guidance from Aldebaran as told to August and Saranda. Check out our website for more info about our non-profit organization or to book a reading.