Weather Report Suite; May 17-19

As the moon wanes through Aries, you should have a steady flow of energy that supports mental clarity, will power, and fortitude. Bear in mind that in the waning cycle, your energy will not be long lasting, so choose battles wisely.

The TAROT card drawn today is the Knight of Wands; This card symbolizes all the positive aspects of the ram: fire, determination, strength, and will power. Although this card traditionally represents a man under the age of 40, it is applicable to anyone. Universally, it suggests positive forward advancement for all people. Combined with the waning Ram, the energy supports progress and success.

The COLORS for today are rich and earth based, such as dark brown and emerald.

The STONES which support this energy are fire opal, bloodstone, orange calcite, and tiger’s eye.

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August. To book a reading, reach out to us at