Weather Report Suite; November 4-6, 2020

As the moon wanes through Cancer, this water sign stimulates your innate intuitive and psychic abilities. These are the days to go inward for soul searching and problem solving. With that said, some super sensitive Empaths might find themselves self-critical and easily triggered emotionally. Steer clear of judgments and drama to avoid depleting your energy, as physical stamina and sexual energy will run low today. During the Cancerian waning moon it is always best to concentrate on self-love and self-preservation.

The TAROT card for the day is the Four of Swords. This card combined with this configuration suggests to put down your sword, call a truce, calm your mind, and go within for guidance. This is a wonderful time for soul searching and listening to the quiet voice of Spirt telling you that everything is going to be OKAY. Surrender your burdens and trust Source to take care of those things outside of your control. This card also suggests that this is a good time to make contact with loved ones on the other side.

Choose COLORS that are soft and gentle, such as various greens combined with earth tones. This will help calm coarse energy around you.

The STONES of support stimulate the root chakra and body, such as jasper, carnelian, citrine, and hematite. Kyanite combined with clear quartz will boost your psychic awareness and creativity.

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August; Card from the Herbal Tarot deck.

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