Weather Report Suite; Sept 22-23, 2020

As the moon waxes through Sagittarius, there is an abundance of playful and positive energy. Your heart chakra, solar plexus, and root chakras will be stimulated, heightening your intuition, empathy, self-love, and overall wellbeing. If you’ve been feeling depressed, this energy will help loosen the grip of struggle or stagnation, allowing you to enjoy every moment. This is a great day to spend outdoors alone or with loved ones. Being in nature, especially near the water, will assist you in breaking through and taking strides with your personal or professional goals.

The TAROT card for today is the Fool; This card suggests that you are on a new journey, and you can leave your worries behind. This new path requires a leap of faith, even if there is no safety net in sight. By taking a chance, you will see the true power within you and around you in the universe. This card compliments the waxing Sag moon, so go out and have fun, explore, and seek a new path of joy.

The STONES which assist this energy are rose quartz, Herkimer diamond, agates, jasper, jade, combined with a stone that you find in nature.

Choose earth-based COLORS such as green, brown, pumpkin, and gold with accents of white.

Tarot art from M. Meleen:

Guidance from Aldebaran as told to Saranda and August; Visit us at for more info!

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