what is contact?

Contact is the meeting of a Child of Light with a being of advanced intelligence from a higher dimension (angel or guide). Contact generally begins as a visitation in the sleeping state through telepathy,  and in the awakened state via inspiration. This might be translated into expressions of art, music, writing, and the sciences. In the early stages of contact, most people do not have the psychic development to remember the visitations. The angel or guide is careful to meet the person ‘where they are at’ so they are not afraid. This would be considered indirect contact. As the “contactee” grows and matures, the contact becomes more apparent. They awaken with pieces of memory, as they are learning to hone their psychic gifts while accepting the fact that they are communicating with higher realms. It takes years of soul development and psychic training for contact to become direct. Psychics, mediums, and healers all have contact, but most are indirect.

*The contact we have as a Family of Light should not be confused with abductions, and we cannot speak for other people who make those claims. We were asked if we wanted to work with our guides voluntarily. Their communications with us have always been benevolent, loving, and for the purpose of sharing their information and technology to help humanity grow, learn, and love one another as one human race.