Why don’t Empaths have a home?

We, as Children of Light, have never felt a sense of belonging. Not at school, not at church, and not in mainstream America. As we began building this love based organization, we came to realize that it was our karma and our souls’ purpose gather the Children of Light together and give them a place to call home.

When we asked our friends from Aldebaran,

“Why has it been so difficult for Empaths to find a place to call home?”

They gave us this channeled message:

Long ago, Children of Light were sought out by kings and queens for their psychic gifts and their ability to guide with love and compassion. All people had their needs met and no one suffered needlessly. For many years, there was a time of great peace upon the planet. When you look at the pyramids with wonder, you are looking at remnants of advanced civilizations based on compassion and empathy, with the Children of Light at the forefront as leaders and stewards of the planet and of humanity. Tragically, as so often happens, evil forces infiltrated and conquered those civilizations, one by one, ending this paradigm of peace and prosperity, ultimately bringing about the Fall of Man and the Fall of Egypt, Atlantis, and Lemuria.

“Those conquering forces knew that the Children of Light had to be suppressed so that humanity could be controlled, dominated, and ultimately enslaved without interference. Although they were not able to destroy the highly gifted and intelligent Children of Light outright, they were successful at spreading propaganda and lies (i.e. “witch”, “pentagram”, “sorcerer”) to keep people in fear, even to this day. The Children of Light had to scatter into the fringes to practice their skills in secret, constantly in fear of persecution, even though all they were “guilty” of was giving wise counsel and healing remedies to their family, friends, and neighbors.

“Does anyone wonder why the Children of Light were singled out as heretics during the Crusades or other witch hunts? Do people realize that they are still being enslaved by the very same forces who conquered the planet so long ago? Are people in positions of power and wealth any different today than they were 200, 400, or 800 years ago? Little does anyone know that when great numbers of Children of Light are gathered together with a single mindset, they have the power to triumph over dark forces. Is it any wonder that the Children of Light are still not supported by the mainstream today?

We ask you to look at this COEXIST sticker, which you probably think is all-inclusive. All of the world religions are represented, but where do the Children of Light fit in? Many Children of Light hold the symbol of the pentagram near and dear, so we wonder, why isn’t it shown? The pentagram, like the Children of Light themselves, fell victim to false propaganda. The pentagram is a five pointed star representing the five elements which make up life on Earth: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit. This is an example of esoteric knowledge made evil to keep man from knowing self. This shows that the Children of Light continue to be victims of propaganda. It is evidence that they are still stuck in the fringe and do not have a place to call their own.

If you look at a timeline of the labels placed on Children of Light throughout the years, it would look something like this:

Sorcerer… Warlock… Witch-doctor….Witch…. Medium…..Psychic… Intuitive… Healer……. EMPATH

Notice how the labels have softened today in 2019. If you are an Empath, you are no different from the witches and warlocks of the old days. Now that consciousness has reached a point of acceptance, and we hope, a desire to understand the importance of empathic gifts, it is finally the right time for a support system to be built.”

At Metaphysical Lighthouse, we are grateful for this opportunity to be the pioneers of building a worldwide community for Children of Light.

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