Why is there no protocol for psychic abilities?

Under the current paradigm, mainstream physicians and educators have no access to the esoteric teachings which explain the origins of man and the genetic coding of the human mind, body, and spirit. Without this knowledge, it eliminates the choices a physician could make when treating symptoms of what looks like mental illness. Until a physician can identify a person who has psychic abilities and distinguish them from a person with mental illness, there is no protocol. Not only does the medical establishment need an upgrade when it comes to making diagnoses, they need access to knowledge which could help them study the psychic gene and begin to understand the exceptional abilities of a Super Sensitive Empath. We feel sorry for the physicians who have put Super Sensitive Empaths on medication they don’t need. It is crime, but the crime is one of a strategic systematic failure. One of our goals as an organization is to help heal the system so that the system can start healing the people. But, this requires a shift in consciousness from greed-based to one based on love.