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Who Are We?

We are a love-based organization founded in 2012 by psychics, scientists, and artists with a mission to create social change through EMPATHY.

As our scientists work on critical technologies for health care and sustainable energy, we are helping Empaths unite as a community and teaching them to become beacons of light for others. With humanity so vulnerable to chaos, confusion, and sickness, empathy is the key to moving forward as a human race.

Because we are grassroots, we are looking for warriors and peacekeepers who want to help us shift a paradigm. We cannot do it alone. Won’t you join us?

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Level 1

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Includes access to our weekly online M-Path Support Groups plus the M-Path Support 8 Steps to Illumination Manual


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Includes the Silver plus a Meta Lighthouse “got empathy?” T-Shirt and access to M-Path Support webinars for Steps 1-4

Level 3

One Time

Includes the Gold, plus access to all webinars and T-Shirt and access to M-Path Support webinars for Steps 1-4

Metaphysical Lighthouse is a 501C3 love-based nonprofit organization.
We have no political or religious affiliations and are open to all compassionate people regardless of race, religion, or beliefs.

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[Co-founder of Meta Lighthouse]

Candace Gaumond

[Shamanic healer]
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Are you an Empath? We have designed an 8 Step Program to help you manage and explore your gifts with other Empaths and spread the LOVE vibration in your community and abroad.

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